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The average SaaS business generates 19% of its new Annual Contract Value (ACV) from upselling to existing customers.  Does yours?

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Customer Success Consulting and Training

For any B2B SaaS company Customer Success is vital to your ongoing growth. Your existing client base should be the main revenue driver for the growth of your business. Managing customer churn is just the beginning, you should also be focusing on delivering your clients' outcomes to ensure successful growth. Once you are consistently proving your worth through ROI or business outcomes, retention and expansion will follow.


Customer Success Consulting

An audit of your existing team can reveal underlying issues you were unaware of. It often takes an outside perspective to identify these problems.

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Customer Success Training

You might have a couple of specific issues you need help with. Based on years of experience we can show you how to solve them.

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Are You Achieving 101% Net Revenue Retention?

In 2016, it was reported that the average SaaS company had a 101% net revenue retention rate. Any less, and your business has a potential growth issue

revenue retention
engage and increase client retention

Is Your Annual Churn Rate Greater Than 8%?

The average SaaS company reported annual gross revenue churn of 8% in 2016. A number higher than 8% could indicate a serious problem in your business. How are you approaching solving that?

Client Survey 2018 - Opinions on Customer Success

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Customer Success Articles

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We speak to Customer Success Director, Sarah Chasen, as she comes back to work after pregnancy.
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December 4, 2018


You'll find us at a number of SaaS and Customer Success events, either speaking or just attending. If you'll also be there, we'd love to say hello.

SaaStr Europa 2019

Paris, France.
June 13, 2019

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