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December 4, 2018
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We speak with Aurelie Randolph, a Customer Success Manager at Ometria.

Aurelie is a Customer Success Manager at customer marketing platform Ometria, and has been in various client success roles for around 5 years. I asked her a couple of questions related to her role.

What's your advice to someone starting in their first CSM role?

Listen carefully, show your clients you care so they feel they can trust you and as a CSM be willing to go above and beyond. Clients will come to you with challenges and questions and expect you to provide a clear relevant answer or recommendation. Don't be afraid to be friendly/yourself as long as you remain professional. You may communicate with your clients primarily through emails but remember they are still human beings. Finally, be curious and willing to go above and beyond for your clients (and internally), unexpected 'extras' make the difference such as finding alternative solutions for clients when your software can't do what they want or showing up to a morning meeting with breakfast!

What do you love about your CSM role?

As cheesy as it sounds, I love making people happy and helping them do well at their job, be successful as a person and as a business. I'm a problem solver. I love finding solutions to clients' challenges and hear my client being happy with the solution and seeing revenue/ROI from the platform. Also seeing clients get excited about new product features I take them through, training them to empower them to be self-efficient and autonomous makes me really happy. I love that my role is very varied, I get to work closely with lots of different teams across the business (Sales, Product, Marketing, Partnerships and Support) and be my client's advocate internally.

What's the one tactic you use with clients that helps improve product usage?

Always, always, always make it relevant to them by trying to find real-life use cases to explain how they can use a feature in the platform. They will understand how to use it better and get excited about using it themselves!

Always keep them updated with new product releases, even if an email gets sent from your marketing team, always follow up with an email (clients will tend to read your emails more than the marketing ones) and a call to make sure they understand what they can do and what is the value for them.

What other departments do you work with to ensure a client renews?

I like to work closely with the Product team. I am a firm believer in getting feedback from clients in order to improve a software as they are the ones using it the most. Organising a chat with the Product team shows them that we value their feedback and take their challenges seriously. This in addition to sharing our Product roadmap with them shows that we see them as partners instead of a simple client who we only take the money from. I find it strengthens the relationship and helps with renewal.

I also work with the Sales team sometimes when negotiations are needed or when I need further context on the initial sales pitch.

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Simon Cooper

Simon has over 10 years helping clients achieve their goals through the use of software.  Having previously lead Customer Success teams in London, Europe and New York City, Simon now owns Kupr Consulting working with B2B SaaS companies to improve their Customer Success teams and processes. Articles

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