Customer Success Evaluation

It can be easy to just attach 'Customer Success' to a few job titles and hope that retention rates increase. Unfortunately, life isn't that easy. Recognising that existing business will be the key to growing revenue, Kupr Consulting can help you develop a fantastic team and put processes in place that will allow you to achieve excellence by putting the client first.


The first thing we will do after you appoint me is to sit down and listen to you explain your business, and all of your opportunities and challenges. Is there a specific issue you are currently facing, or is there just a general feeling you should be investing further in Customer Success.


Customer Success Staff - We’ll speak individually to members of your staff.  We’ll attempt to understand their specific challenges and thoughts on the Customer Success operation. What’s working and what isn’t at the operational level.  Training options are also available should we identify opportunities to further educate the team.

Stakeholders - Customer Success does not operate in isolation.  We’ll also speak with other key departments such as Product and Sales to get an alternative ‘outside-in’ view.


On the back of the Research and Interview stages, we’ll also produce a SWOT analysis that every stakeholder can agree on. This SWOT will not just be a list, but we’ll also attach a weight to each item so you are able to prioritise.


The output of this evaluation will be a report, which where we will both present key highlights back to you in person, and also leave you with a copy.

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