Customer Success Training for B2B SaaS

Based on your specific brief, we can help up-skill your existing team, develop a deeper Customer Success culture or work on tackling individual challenges. Training isn't just limited to Customer Success Managers, but can be across your entire organisation.

Upgrade Your Staff Not Just Your Software

You will make numerous upgrades to your software throughout the year, but when did you last upgrade your customer facing staff? Some Silicon Valley software companies generating up to 80% of their incremental revenue from existing clients, making retaining business vital to the growth of your company. Investment in Customer Success will more than pay for itself.

We can help make sure your team is in the best position to make that happen with bespoke training programs built for you.

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Practical advice, not just theory

Training Specific To You

We can design specific training modules that will solve issues you have identified and some you may not have even realised. Sessions are held at your premises and are tailored to you. There will not be lots of generic theory, but focused content specific to you and your challenges.

Some common areas for training might be, engaging with senior executives, increasing client responsiveness and focusing on client outcomes.

"Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand"

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